Ethnographic thinking—freed from the constraints of the ‘ethnography as tool’ perspective—asks not just what consumers want, but why the organization is solving for that particular challenge in the first place.

Beyond the Toolbox: What Ethnographic Thinking Can Offer in a Shifting Marketplace

















I'm an anthropologist and strategist committed to leading teams through exceptional product, service, and systems innovation. My experience includes structuring and managing nationwide and global scale initiatives that infuse the entire innovation and design process with awareness of cultural contexts and customer needs. I thrive on systemic challenges and see collaboration as a critical component of impactful innovation. My approach includes adaptive methodologies (both qualitative and quantitative) and a holistic view of innovation that positions insight development at the intersection of four core cultural perspectives: customer, company, stakeholder, and analogous.

I'm a visualizer, actualizer, thought partner, catalyst, life-long learner, and occasional alchemist.