Immersions & Diversions


70’s: flip-flops, thunderstorms, swimming

80’s: new wave, Pittsburgh, road trips

90’s: film, anthropology, the desert

00’s: cultural landscape, design, sustainability

10’s: social entrepreneurship, mid-century architecture, meditation

Other Stuff

Inspiration: Buckminster Fuller, John Lautner, Richard Neutra, Mary Catherine Bateson, Clifford Geertz, Michel Foucault, Jacques Derrida, Sergio Leone, Werner Herzog, Barbara Stanwyck, Amy Sedaris, Ryan Trecartin, Jennifer Saunders. 

Interests: taking things apart, re-purposing objects, scriptwriting, hiking, swimming, watching baseball, landscaping, gardening, mid-century modern furniture. Curious about knitting. Would like to stage a macramé comeback.

Obsessions: graffiti, picnic tables, graffiti on picnic tables, monkeys, dioramas, collecting and stacking discs (any material) of approximately 3 inches in diameter.